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Dr. Katharine Janzen, Associate Vice President Research & Innovation at Seneca College and Co-Director of the Technology Enhanced Learning Institute is the co-sponsor of this collaborative project along with Dr. Ronald Owston, Professor of Education and founding director of the Institute for Research on Learning Technologies at York University.
Specific Faculty involved include researchers from both Seneca College and York University:

    Jed DeCory (School of Communication Arts, Seneca College)
    Adrian Klymenko (Academic Computing Services, Seneca College)
    Larry DeFlorio (Digital Media Centre, Seneca College)
    Dr. Wolfgang Stuerzlinger (Computer Studies, York University)
    Dr. Jennifer Jenson (Education, York University)
    Dr. Caitlin Fisher (Fine Arts, York University)

Project management will be carried out by Nancy Paterson, Artist in Residence at the School of Communication Arts, Seneca College.

Other contributors to this project include:

    Dr.Suzanne de Castell (Education, Simon Fraser University)
    Dr. Phil Merikle (Psychology University of Waterloo)
    Dan Pressman (Alias)

This joint Seneca College and York University research project will
present many unique opportunities for: student involvement, curriculum
development and research. Co-Op students from Seneca’s Computer Studies
program will be exposed to all facets of a research project, including
data collection, evaluation and presentation(s) of findings.
Development of a custom game engine will provide the opportunity to
focus on specific features such as ultra realistic shading and lighting
while avoiding the expense and complications of working with existing
commercial or open-source game engines. Dr. Jenson, Dr. Stuerzlinger,
Dr. De Castell and Dr. Merikle have extensive experience with
applications of research methodologies and will contribute their
expertise to this project as we develop a means of quantifying crosssensory
associations and measuring possible relationships between
collaboration and creativity.


Dr. Katharine Janzen

Dr. Ronald Owston

Jed DeCory

Adrian Klymenko

Larry DeFlorio

Dr. Wolfgang Stuerzlinger

Dr. Jennifer Jenson

Dr. Caitlin Fisher

Corporate Sponsors



Project Team

Andy Leung

Jinho Park

Wenting Ni

Rick Yorgason

Kevin Muise

Ryan Cherawaty

Andriy Pavlovych

Matt Pereira

John Lai

Michelle Pun


  ©2004 Nancy Paterson